SDAO Summer Intern, Sophie Annus, a sophomore at Oregon State University, Public Policy Major and Corbett High school Graduate (class of 2019) worked at the Corbett Water District in the summer of 2022. She has helped the Corbett Water District organize policies and ordinances, created back-ups to minutes and historical records including public meeting minutes dating back to 1968. She has also helped create a system of checks and balances to better implement policies created and revoked by the board.policy intern

Sophie Annus has learned all to well the monotonous day to day behind the scenes of public policy. When asked if her ideas of public policy have changed this summer she said, “…well I guess that although the details side of policy can get repetitive, getting to see first-hand how communities are affected by the policies we make has been eye opening. It’s nice to see what works and what doesn’t and how every policy created has consequences. “

When asked what her future plans are for schooling she assures the staff at the water district that she does plan to continue with her major in public policy. Going into this next school year she is looking forward to a public administration class she is taking and foresees herself using experience from this summer in her class work going forward. –SA 09/12/2022