Water Quality

We are thankful every day for our customers. We hope to continue to provide you with our exceptional water far into the future. Learn more about our water at www.corbettwater.com/water-quality-report


Volunteers Save District Money

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers who have saved us $37,608 so far this year! If you are interested in volunteering please email us, or fill out our contact form at www.corbettwater.com/contact/

Wildfire Mitigation Plan for Treatment Plant

Corbett Water has completed a Wildfire Mitigation Plan for the Treatment Plant which was approved by the Board of Commissioners on June 18, 2024. The purpose of this plan is to minimize damage and increase the resilience of our infrastructure in the event of a wildfire by creating parameters for tree removal around the Treatment Plant. Read about the plan here: www.corbettwater.com/building-defensible-space/


Backflow Prevention Keeps Our Community Safe

Pressure from the District’s water line pushes drinking water into your property’s plumbing, and it should only flow in that direction. Sometimes pressure changes in pipes (on the District side or the customer side), can cause the water to flow backwards into the District’s water lines, which could contaminate the public water supply. This contamination could pose a serious danger to the community’s health. Oregon law requires water suppliers to prevent contamination. We need all customers to fill out our registration by August 1st so we know about potential hazards. https://bit.ly/4eGiKPK If you have a hazard that could require backflow prevention, we will follow up with you.

Meet the Staff

  • District Manager: Ana Linden
  • District Clerks: Heather McGivney & Kelsey Zavoral
  • Utility Workers: Alivia Pence & Steve Young

 Contact our Board

Upcoming Events

  • See us at the 4th of July Parade
  • Donate Coats, Clothes & Shoes to the Columbia Gorge Helping Hands at CWD Office
  • Our live stream of Evans & Historic Hwy is up at www.corbettwater.com