New Service Application

To start water service, please fill out this pdf application and return to our office with a copy of your current photo identification and a $120 deposit.

Corbett Water District Rates

All costs are calculated and billed on a bi-monthly basis.

The water rates are broken down into the cost of being connected to our system (base rate) and the units of water that are used. The base rate depends on the size of your meter.

The average residence has a 3/4” meter with a bi-monthly base rate of $45.00

Water usage is calculated based on the amount of units used times the rate per unit.  One unit is equal to 100 cubic feet, or 748 gallons. the current rate per unit is graduated. Please see the chart below.

Units 1-3 are included in the base rate

Units 4 – 10 are $3.50, Units 11 – 20 are $4.00, Units 21 – 50 are $4.50,

Units 51 – 80 are $5.00, Units 81+ are $5.50


Click below for a 1-page explanation of our rates:

New Connection Application


Click below for a list of our fees:

New Connection Application

New Connection Application

To start a new service connection, please fill out the application below. Bring to our office with the required hookup fee.

New Connection Application

Hookup Fee
$2,500 (3/4″)     $6,250 (1″)     $12,500  (1.5″)    $20,000 (2″)    $62,500 (4″)     $125,000 (6″)

2023 Rate Increase information

5/16/2023 Fee Hearing Documents

All documents associated with the fee hearing held on May 16, 2023

11/30/2022 Rate Hearing Documents

All documents associated with the rate hearing held on November 30, 2022

2021-22 Rate Increase information

Corbett Water District is proposing an increase to the water rates to be effective the start of the new fiscal year, 7/1/21. This will include an increase to the base rate of 37.04 % and an increase to the usage rate of 9.55 %.

This rate increase proposal is based on the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year 2021- 2022 and will allow us to meet the budget shortfall of $100K. The District conducted a rate increase study through PACE Engineering Services. The study and proposed rate increase will be posted on the District website after 5/18/2021. The proposed rate increase is necessary to maintain and repair the critical infrastructure and meet the state and federal guidelines for producing clean safe drinking water.

Some of the upcoming projects that will need to be funded are the repairs to the South Fork intake structure on the Gordon Creek, a regulatory required Master Plan update with seismic assessment and mitigation, repairs to the reservoirs, repairs to the dead-end flushing piping, installation of sampling locations, upgrades to our treatment plant SCADA to include a back-up computer system.

This proposed increase will help the District maintain the current infrastructure as well. In order to supply the district with clean safe drinking water we maintain several miles of piping and we make emergency repairs as needed. The District does repairs and maintenance on multiple pressure reducing stations, over a hundred fire hydrants, five storage reservoirs, two intakes on Gordon Creek, and a water treatment plant. We do this with a minimal staffing of a manger, three utility workers, a fulltime clerk and a part-time assistant clerk.

Because there is little to no anticipated growth in Corbett, we can not rely on an increased customer base to generate revenue to remain operational. The majority of our funding comes from our water sales. In comparison our water rates are lower than most of the surrounding areas.
We would like to maintain the same high level of service and excellent quality of water that we have provided in the past and this requires us to propose to increase our rates in order to keep up with the rising inflation and cost of doing business.

Thank you
Tom Edwards
District Manager